Tourism development – an important component of development Strategy of Chernihiv in the 2007 – 2015 years

In the article held a brief analysis of the mechanisms of State management of tourism, cooperation in the field of local self-government bodies, economic entities and public foundations. The main accent is made on the regional aspect of these issues. Filed a brief historical reference about Chernihiv, outstanding architectural monuments, famous figures in the history of Ukraine, who lived and worked in the city. Made the analysis of the development strategy of the city during 2007 – 2015, «The detailed plan of the central part of the city» and «The scheme of perspective development of tourism in the city». Given the analysis to the implementation of the program of development tourist industry and the international relations of Chernihiv and promoting investment during 2013 – 2014. Special emphasis is made on information and image section. The article describes information about the influence of tourism industry on the status of the socio-economic development of the city, the dynamics of revenue touristic tax to the city budget. One of the main parts of the article is the definition of ways of developing touristic infrastructure, list of investment-attractive projects.

This article analyzes the mechanisms of governance in tourism, cooperation in the field of local government, business entities and public foundations. Chernihiv – one of the oldest cities in Europe. According to archaeological studies, it began formation about 1,300 years ago, at the dawn of the East Slavic state. The city with its architectural – archaeological sites included in the preliminary list of World Heritage Sites.

Chernihiv has an advantageous geographical location: proximity to the capital of Ukraine, the border regions of Russia and Belarus, the presence of international transport corridors, stunning natural landscapes.

An important document regulating the development of Chernihiv, development areas is a General Plan. Main planning idea of this paper is to preserve the dominant historical and architectural complex in the city, its unique panoramas and natural environment. These approaches are the basis for approval, «A detailed plan for the center of Chernihiv» and «Schemes perspective development of city tourism». Assumed conversion of tourism in one of the most profitable sectors of the city economy. During 2025 the annual number of tourists is up to 600 thousand people.

The development of the tourism industry has become one of the priorities of the Strategy of Chernihiv in 2007 – 2015, which was approved by the City Council on December 21, 2007 Twenty-third session of the fifth convocation.

According to the development strategy of Chernihiv over 2007 – 2015 that was adopted two years later application. November 30, 2012 27 session Chernihiv City Council adopted the Sixth Convocation Program tourism development and international relations Chernihiv and investment promotion for 2013 – 2014.

Continues constant dialogue between the government, business, public foundations for the development of the tourism industry of the city, establishing effective cooperation mechanisms. In line with the City Council on February 20, 2012 № 40 was formed interdepartmental City Tourism Council as an advisory body.

Much attention is paid to the improvement of information and advertising city. Annually produced trilingual Events Chernihiv.

Provided the urban tourist multilingual website www.chernihiv There were 60 thousand visits from 82 countries.

Tourism potential of the city ever presented at exhibitions, tour shops.

The city installed 43 bilingual signs to the main tourist sites. Nowadays implemented a joint project between business and government on the deployment of elements of tourist navigation (street signs, information boards, a plan – content – a total of 27 units.). This navigation is aimed primarily at tourists, pedestrians. Work has begun to create a tourist navigation including information stands on street names in bus stop complexes. It should be noted that in the tourist navigation, information and imaging products always an element of branding – Chernihiv tangle slogan «Chernihiv – a city of legends» continues working Tourist Information Centre. Quantitative analysis of applications shows the growing interest of potential tourists to the city. Also carried out work on the development of priority Chernihiv types of tourism: event (festival), tours, agriculture, ecology and others.

New information and image events was the opening of the tourist season. For two days, the city hosts a series of events: the contest «Miss Tourism Chernihiv»; Tourism Trade and village craftsmen; folklore and historical performance on the Wall; Gastronomic Festival. The guests of the event were members of the press tour for national and regional media – more than 30 journalists, tourist publications, rating television, the Internet – resources.

Very promising for the city Chernihiv is a pilgrimage tourism development that has deep historical roots and traditions. Anthony Cave, Saviour Cathedral, the relics of St. Theodosius, the sacred lake has traditionally attracted many pilgrims to the town.

During 2012 – 2013 the project provided for opening free WiFi zones. Free Internet access is already there and throughout the downtown area, the Central Park of Culture and Rest, on the shaft. There are web cameras that allow for on-line broadcast of events from the Red Square, the central park of culture and recreation area near Megacenter.

In cooperation with the Institute of History, Ethnology and Law A. Lazarevsky CHNPU and private guides launched a new project «Freetours».

The number of tourists visiting the city and therefore revenue to the city budget. Thus, in 2011 the tourist tax is 79 thousand grivnas, In 2012, 110 thousand grivnas, for 7 months 2013 69 thousand grivnas, up 29% compared with the same period last year. According to this index among cities in our category, we ranked fourth, ahead of us, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Poltava. The estimated cost of the scheme for tourism development of the city, construction of the tourism industry by 2025 will amount to around 1.5 billion grivnas. The city government proposed for the development of numerous attractive investment area.

Based on the foregoing, it should be noted that the tourism component of the Strategy of Chernihiv over 2007 – 2015 is an important factor for sustainable socio – economic development of the city, filling the budget, creating new jobs places.