The best experience of introduction of innovations in local self-government

The article describes the best domestic innovation practices of innovation development of communitiesby local authorities in Ukraine, the ways to overcome defects in the formation of innovation coherent system in local self-government. In opinion of author, leading strategy of increase that envisages the use of home scientific and technical potential and bringing in of works of foreign scientists must become in innovative development of Ukraine. In the context of innovative development an important value has adjusting of collaboration of organs of local self-government with public. Among the most effective forms that for today are used in the Ukrainian cities, there is realization of the public listening, questioning of public opinion, bringing in of citizens to the process of making decision, realization of projects from the strategic planning of development of cities and decision of local problems. At the same time the necessity of making of strategy of transition of territorial communities is established to the innovative model of development, forming of the proper level of innovative culture of workers of organs of local self-government, generalization and general application in the regions of the turned out experience from overcoming of problems of development of territorial communities and decision of questions local self-government.

For today there are separate developments in the implementation of tasks related to issues of innovation in the field of public management of local government. Where the position of officials on implementing of public management innovations is active, there are advances in the above areas of activity.

Aim of research is determining the level of innovation in the national local government that provides analysis of the experience of innovations and proposals for overcoming shortcomings in the formation of a coherent system of innovation in local government.

World practice has accumulated three types of innovation strategies:

– The strategy of the transfer;

– The strategy of borrowing;

– Build strategy.

In the context of the activation of civil society in Ukraine burning issue today is the establishment of effective cooperation between government and society, the creation of effective mechanisms of this process.

The first city of Ukraine, which began to involve the public in decision-making were such as: Komsomolsk, Berdyansk, Cherkasy, Slavutich and others.

For today an important problem of urban communities is the presence of a large number of social problems that have accumulated in the community, a decision which is in the competence of local government, which, however, can not be resolved on their own community due to lack of budget. Therefore, to minimize the large number of social issues, the local government has to look for new resources. One of these tools can be a mechanism of social partnership, when solving local social problems involved in local community organizations with their own resources, and the local government provides them with funding from the local budget.

In 2003, with financial support from the Ministry of International Development (DFID) began operations program «Democratizing of Ukraine: program of small Projects». Although the program is implemented only in two areas – the ten communities of Lviv and Donetsk region – a real step towards the democratization of Ukraine.

In 1998, with the support of the International Foundation for Social Adaptation and the Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers in Poland was established Ukrainian Association of Business Incubators and Innovation Centers that contribute to the practical implementation of national, regional, local and international programs aimed at business development by promoting and support the activities of business incubators, technology parks etc.

In 2002, Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine «On innovation activity» that allow and support to create business incubators as most state and local governments. The logical continuation of the program was the creation of three technology parks, «Semiconductor Technologies and Materials, Optoelectronics and sensor technology» (Kyiv); «Institute for Single Crystals» (Kharkiv); «Institute of Electric of Paton» (Kyiv).

To support local government in Ukraine was established the Foundation for Local Self-Government of Ukraine that its status is central to scientific methods, consulting and coordinating agency. In 2003, it introduced the All-Ukrainian competition of projects and programs of local government. At present municipal reform advocates fund innovative direction associated with the formation of viable and self-sufficient local communities in the context of problem solving resources. The main purpose of it activity in this direction is to determine the sources and mechanisms to search using basic and advanced resources of local and regional development.

Most successful form of the Fund became an annual nationwide municipal hearing. A positive example is the collaboration of the Foundation and the Swiss-Ukrainian project “Decentralization Support in Ukraine» DESPRO to implement as part of the All-Ukrainian contest of projects and programs of local government project aimed at the development of communities.

Ukraine has a UNDP «Local Development CBA». This project works with 1,000 communities for sustainable rural development.

Equally important, today is the creation of condominium associations (condominiums). Practice has proved the effectiveness of the condominiums in cities and towns of Ukraine and others.