Reformation of personnel policy in the public service

The article deals with the problem of improving the human resources policy in the public service, outlines the main approaches to areas of reform, described the possibility of strengthening the human resource capacity of public service. As one of key measures is examined the input of profiles of professional competense, that will contain the clear list of requirements to level knowledge, abilities, to skills of civil servants, criteria of their evaluation will influence on the process of professional development of civil servants and play a qualificatory role during realization of competitive selection on positions state services. An author in detail is stopped on positions of the Government having a special purpose program of development of government service on a period 2016 to, sent to reformation of institute of government service, her modernisation in accordance with the standards of EU; updating of maintenance of activity, strengthening of institutional possibility of services of personnel of government and conditioning bodies for forming of skilled potential of imperious establishments, adjusting of the effective system of professionally-qualifying preparation and all-round development their employees.

Implementation of modern personnel policy in all spheres of social activity requires a complex effect on the system itself works with the staff – from the preparation and provision of professional education, quality selection and recruitment, adapting them to the office and professional development, and ending with the transfer of professional and life  experience to beginners.

No less important is the introduction of new Law Ukraine «On State Service», which focuses on the application of the competency approach to human resource management in public administration.

Program document for the reform of personnel policy in the civil service can be called a strategy adopted by state personnel policy for 2012 – 2020 was approved by the Conception of the development program of public service for the period until 2016 and developed by the State Program of the Civil Service until 2016.

Content analysis of tasks and activities of the State Target Program of the Civil Service until 2016 (then in text- the Program) to determine those accents that are the most important:

– implementation a mechanism, standards and procedures for the management of human resources in the civil service;

– increasing institutional capacity in the civil service.

On the one hand, improving instruments for managing human resources and introduce standards that will use similar tools to work with the staff at the new, higher-quality level; on the other hand – enhanced role and demands on the capacity of most service personnel actually carry out activities related with the functions human resource management, and the capacity of public service as an institution of public administration.

Implementation profiles of professional competence civil service is designed to improve the function of human resource management related to planning; involvement; selection; professional development; evaluating the performance of the staff. Profiles should use during the competition for vacant civil service performance appraisal activities and promotion of civil servants.

The program is planned to build a politically impartial civil service, so special attention will be paid to development of methods of detection of the political impartiality of public servants in the performance of official duties, including such forms of political activity as the use of official position for campaigning and combining civil service position with the position in the organization the preparation and conduct of the campaign, identification of the mechanism of civil servants, which, in particular, would ensure the political impartiality of the public service.

Much attention is given to measures to update the content of the services of personnel of state and local governments, strengthening their strategic role.

Separately Program discusses measures to ensure the services with highly qualified personnel; opportunities to optimize staffing levels according to age, category, specialty, level of professional competence; capacity to ensure the efficiency costs associated with salaries, promotion and provision of social guarantees for civil servants.

Events and tasks of the Program should create conditions for the formation of human resources public administration which is understood as the general concept that includes a set of abilities, hidden opportunities specialist, the disclosure of which gives him the opportunity to be realized in the professional field.

The basis for the stable existence of human resources is a core of skilled personnel of any organization. This “core” is the most stable of the group – those individuals who have extensive experience in the institution (organization), the most qualified employees, which corresponds to the level of their positions.

Under the civil servant adaptation to the profession meant a permanent process of mutual adaptation, adjustment of interests, expectations and requirements of the employee and the conditions of professional work in the civil service, resulting in the development and enrichment as a public servant and public service in general.