Example of self-development – development of the region

In the article investigated problems of development of local self-government in Ukraine, analyzed the features of local self-government in Nizhyn rayon. Attention applies on activity of the Nizhyn district soviet that presents common interests of territorial communities of district. We are talking about the systematic organizationally-methodical, legal, informative providing of councils and support of close connection with councils of lower level. The collaboration of public and local self-government that consists in the general planning of monthly measures in a district and their general realization authorities is covered. An important place in-process district soviet organization of studies, in-plant training of deputies and public servants of local self-government occupies. An other from the methods of effective decision of problems of local communities there is a collaboration with labour collectives, public organizations, cells of political parties and services. It is marked on the necessity of support of territorial communities for the decision of major necessities of their development by self-organization, development of their potential and implementation of small on a volume public initiatives in different sphere.

The article highlights the problems of local government in Ukraine, analyzes the features of local government in Nizhyn area.

Today the socio-economic development of society requires the active participation not only of the government but also of the population directly, that communities and local governments. The Alliance principles of centralization and decentralization in the exercise of governmental power is manifested in the fact that with the central authorities of the State retains the right protection and maintenance of general public interests, and the local authorities decide whether regional and local levels, provide realization of general government programs. It is known that, regional development ensures the development of the whole country.

At the present stage of development of all branches of government question the need to improve the theory and practice of modern nation-caused changes in the political system of society, administrative-territorial, regional reforms, the introduction of constructive social partnership between the center and territories.

Law of Ukraine «About Local Self-Government in Ukraine» provides a number of state delegation of authority to the executive bodies of village, town and city councils are financially not backed. The redistribution of power and resources from the public authorities to local authorities and, on the basis produced standards, through realization relevant services needs of citizens – that’s the first problem facing the state. Expect from local government responsibility possible only threw transferring powers and resources.

Territorial structure of Nijinsky area was laid January 31, 1923, when it was created. Activity of Nizhyn District Council aims to restore the leading role of local government. According to the Constitution of Ukraine, the Law of Ukraine «About Local Self-Government in Ukraine» district council represents the common interests of local communities and villages, 71 villages in the district are subject to the district, town and 29 village councils. In the area systematically carried out organizational and methodological, legal, information boards and maintained close contact with lower-level councils.

District Council has delegated district state administration authority provided by law. Therefore, the area is a collaboration of state and local governments. This joint planning of monthly activities in the area and share their conduct, on certain issues are taken jointly manage the head of the district council and the head of the district administration, taking part in mass events in the district area.

One way to effectively address the problems of local communities are working with labor groups, community organizations, centers of political movements. Important place in the District Council takes educational trainings, training of deputies and local government officials. In order to ensure transparency in the work of local councils and their bodies District Council of Nizhyn one of the first established the official website.

Actively involved in issues of local life work teams of operating farms, schools. It participated in the landscaping and general public events, providing sponsorship, if necessary, provide transport issues in burial and others.

Through dialogue between the public, encouraging social activity, determination of collective vision and implement joint initiatives on community development, guided our cooperation.

The aim is to support local communities to address critical needs of their development through self-organization, capacity building, and implementation of small-scale community initiatives in different areas.

Today the Ukrainian government and civil society need a fundamentally new quality of public governance: local government filling a real sense, the effective regulation of the territorial communities and local government. It is essential to the introduction of state regulation mechanism of intergovernmental relations such practical measures to help solve the problems of sustainable and equitable local budgets provide financial resources to achieve efficiency in the implementation of development expenditures and help increase their volumes.

Activity of District Council of Nizhyn aims to restore the leading role of local government. This is achieved by performing the strategic objectives of local government.