Improvement of forms and methods of informative work of authorities of the Chernihiv area with a population, his public associations

The article analyzes the information component in the relations of the state power and the public and its impact on the transparency of executive power as an important factor in the development of public trust in the regional level government institutes. Paid attention to providing of realization of constitutional rights for citizens on legitimate access to information about the executive branch of power and local self-government in informative space. For this purpose the proper terms are created for free and unimpeded activity of subjects of informative relations, maximal satisfaction of informative necessities of population of area and defence of him constitutional rights on information. Activity of executive branches of power heads for development and improvement of local informative infrastructure. In particular, priority directions are introduction of digital teleradio broadcasting and stimulation of publishing activity. Among the substantial problems of modern informative industry absence of conception of reformation of the state and communal printedmass medias is certain at state level, insufficiency of their financing and material providing that in no way assists transformation of MASS-MEDIA on social partners for administrative structures.

To achieve the highest possible level of confidence in the government of society, including at the regional level should be constantly updating information forms and methods of work with the public associations established to protect the rights and interests of certain categories of people. Only objectively informed public can become an ally of the government in the course of even a very popular reforms imperative to Ukraine as a democratic state at the present stage of development. Otherwise Ukrainian society will continue escalating social discontent the authorities.

To ensure the realization of the constitutional rights of citizens and their legitimate access to information about the executive branch and local government in the information space of Chernihiv region created the proper conditions for a free and unimpeded activities of information relations, maximum information needs of regional population and protect his constitutional rights to information. Available constructive cooperation between the government, the media and the public, provides transparency in government activities.

Following the experience of European countries, the Ukrainian government guarantees the existence of public and private broadcasting. This is evidenced by regional practice.

The introduction of digital broadcasting – one of the priorities of the executive.

Among subjects in the field of publishing is dominated publishing enterprises, institutions and organizations of different ownership. Overall in Chernihiv operate more than 60 printing enterprises of different ownership.

The founders of the print media are: government agencies, local government – 28 editions individuals – 19 editions businesses – 18 editions schools – 9 editions, NGOs – 5 editions, religious organizations – 4th edition, political parties – 1 edition, labor groups – 4 editions, others – 2.

Using the experience of neighboring Gomel and Bryansk regions, regional newspapers switched to color printing. There is already a majority.

The state does have a form such an information infrastructure that would provide information and communication services to business markets, government institutions and all segments of the population.

In Ukraine, due to the uncertainty concept to reform the state and community print media at the national level and corresponding rejection of bills process of reforming public media stopped. Although the purpose of the adoption of this law is fully ensure the right of citizens to information, in particular, the right to a full, objective and reliable information about government activities.

In general, not all editions of newspapers communal area is ready for reform and are interested in it.

Executive authorities are taking measures to develop and improve local infrastructure.

Executive bodies are constantly being facilitated coverage of state and municipal media official point of view of senior government officials and the position of local authorities on the implementation of domestic and foreign policy.

An effective mechanism to realize the constitutional rights of citizens to participate in public affairs, free access to information about the activities of the executive branch, as well as the requirements of modern information society, is the official website of Chernihiv Oblast State Administration.

According to the Law of Ukraine «About Access to Public Information» it operates heading «Access to Public Information», which is to clarify the procedure for access to public information held by the Chernihiv Oblast State Administration, provides sample design information requests placed draft decisions regional Council.

In recent years, Ukraine formed concept of Human Development Ukraine for the period till 2020.

Its implementation is not possible without the active participation of the media. This was repeatedly stressed in the draft. However, in our opinion, it does not specify participatory media in this work. In particular, encourage the media to such activities and media availability for all segments of the population of Ukraine.

It should be noted also on problematic issues of information industry, the resolution of which will contribute to the equalization of relations between the Government and the public in public administration at the regional level.

These, in our opinion, are:

– Lack of funds in the state administration, regional state administrations to hold equity municipal newspapers, where they are co-founders, as well as to pay for coverage of executive power in the media;

– Lack of clear financial commitment of executive power in the founding treaties, agreements for coverage of State Administration, district administrations in the media;

– Unjustifiably undervalued financial support public media in local budgets;

– Permanent reduction of wire broadcasting network without adequate rehabilitation or replacement of other sources of information;

– Lack of financial and economic resources to ensure the proper development of the sales distribution network;

– Obsolete computer equipment, office equipment, Digital Photography, editorial transport in regional newspapers;

– A small number of its own website editor’s regional newspapers;

– Irregular update information even on websites district administrations due to the lack of specialists in computer technology.

Having a developed information space on the territory of the region, compressed vice insufficient funding it as part of a current media legislation of Ukraine, the executive branch, local governments are not able to fully convert the media in their social partner.

Part of the government to the media demands that existing information legislation Ukraine does not allow.

So unconsciously is leveled information component in relations of power and the public in public administration. This creates an objective problem in forming the public trust in government.

Government state level should always comply with the laws of Ukraine, which regulate the relations between the authorities and the media, with the need to deliberate dissemination of information about their activities to specific social groups.