Preconditions of the reforming of the public authorities and the administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine: the practice of regional research

In article substantiates the prerequisites of local government reform by the example of the Kherson region. The identified issues that face today in the field of local self-government and administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine and ways of solutions at local and national levels. The results of Regional Studies, thematic meetings, training events conducted in context of discussing the reforming of local self-government and territorial organization of power in Ukraine. Conclusions are drawn and provided suggestions on the preparation of legislative initiatives that affirms principles of developing effective areas and capable of functioning government. Great care needs to develop modern territory management technologies and relevant leadership training village and town councils. Implementation of the reforms will lead to the development of self-sufficiency of local communities, resource support and consolidate strategic planning, improving the quality of social and other public services, reducing the outflow of population from rural areas.

At the present stage can be distinguished the appearance of many concrete initiatives from both the central public authorities, associations of local governments and individual politicians and scientists. New constitutional model of local government was proposed and discussed at the plenary session at June 2013 by the Constitutional Assembly in Section XI «Local government» of project of Conception of amending the Constitution of Ukraine. Can be determined the appearance of draft documents that contain: a conceptual vision of development of local government, realization of administrative-territorial reform, modern regional policy which meets European principles. At present discussions were held and public examination of the concept prepared by: the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Association of Cities of Ukraine, Ukrainian Association of district and regional councils and others. Framework document «Main strategic directions of local government reform in Ukraine» was developed. Table of proposals was formed to it, considering materials of interested parties, including regional centers for training and retraining of employees of state agencies, local governments, state enterprises, institutions and organizations which were sent to the State Fund of Assistance to Local Self-Government in Ukraine materials.

Draft Decree of the President of Ukraine «About the Concept of reform of local self-government and territorial organization of power in Ukraine» was approved by the Government in April 8, 2013 and by the relevant decision of the Council of Regions proposed to organize discussion of draft among local communities and provide conducting of broad informational and explanatory work on the benefits of the reform of local government, clarifying its essence and main directions. At the end of discussion of the Concept in October, revised draft decree was sent to the Head of State by the Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Implementation of new conceptual foundations should bring Ukraine closer to the standards of local government, formulated in European Local Government Charter and in practice satisfy the needs of citizens.

In the Kherson region a working group was established and it’s functioning there, developed with the implementation of the state policy on local government and social and economic development. From April to June 2013 during the meetings of the regional council on cooperation of local authorities and local authorities of Kherson, thematic meetings of government representatives and the public and during visiting (sectorial) seminars the Concept of reforming of local government and territorial organization of power in Ukraine was discussed. Suggestions were made, summed up and sent to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the State Fund of Assistance to Local Self-Government in Ukraine for further processing.

Administrative-territorial reform, in its turn, implies a change in legal basis of the organization and functioning of public authorities. Among the major purposes of reform should be defined optimization of existing administrative and territorial units, improving of quality of administrative, public, social and other services to citizens, and strengthening of local government on the principles of subsidiarity and ubiquity that meets the standards of the European Community.

Thus, in the course of realization of the project «Citizen participation and independent experts in planning and implementation of administrative reform in Ukraine» statistical information was collected, modeling of new communities was conducted and analytical conclusions were done concerning reforming in four target areas of Kherson region. These areas were selected for study during the consultation with the Kherson Regional State Administration in the context of realization of the Strategy of economic and social development of Kherson region till 2015.

By results of project implementation, conclusion was made that the changes in the administrative and territorial structure are urgent and require thorough preparation and processing.

In this aspect, Kherson regional center for retraining and advanced training of representatives of public authorities, local governments, state enterprises, institutions and organizations is actively involved in realization of the priority purposes of the Kherson region related to strategic planning of development of areas.