Family contribution of Rozumovskyi in cultural development in Ukraine

The article analyses the Rozumovskyis’ family contribution in the development of the culture in Ukraine. The special attention is given to hetman Kyrylo Rozumovskyi, who had a passion to building and founded a lot of churches and amazing palace in Baturyn. His sons became prominent Russian statesmen, but they did not forget about their roots, they supported talented Ukrainian musicians. Andriy Rozumovskyi was known as a patron of arts, cared about composers. Oleksiy Rozumovskyi, who was a Minister of National education, significantly enlarged his father’s library. Also, the article reveals the important contribution of hetman’s daughters, Varvara Repnina»Volkonska and Kateryna Uvarova, who worried about cultural development of Ukraine as well. Varvara was a generous benefactress, she established institutes for the noble girls. The the great»grandson of hetman Kyrylo Rozumovskyi Kamil Rozumovskyi donated money for the restoration of Baturyn palace and for the school in Lemeshi village. On the whole elucidative and patron of art activity of Rozumovskyis’ family was not so much by a public duty and necessary attribute of solvent elite, and by the conscious position sent to creation and maintenance of cultural values.

The article analyzes the Rozumovskyi family contribution to the development of culture in Ukraine. Last Hetman of Ukraine and its descendants do not accidentally hit the list of known Ukrainian patrons. Following his family motto «Glory multiplies with affairs» and trying to benefit society, Rozumovskyi most of their funds directed to the development of education and science in the Ukrainian land, building and maintenance of churches, the support of prominent Ukrainian musicians and composers.

One of the greatest architectural monuments of XVIII century that was preserved until today is Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in the city Kozelets created by prominent architects Ivan Grigorovich-Barsky and Andrew Kvasov. It was built at the cost of Kyrylo and his brother Oleksyi, now this beautiful cathedral is a monument of national importance. It is situated n his native village Lemeshi under Kozelets. Hetman built in 1775 majestic Three Saints Church.

Important activities of  Kyrylo Rozumovskyi Hetman’s was the development of capital – the city of Baturyn. While the town experienced its cultural and socio-economic growth. Hetman built his residence by the most prestigious world standards. In Baturyn worked to build such outstanding artists as architectural A. Kvasov, A. Rinaldi, Cameron, M. Lvov. Places of architecture today decorated in Baturin are the Church of the Resurrection and the hetman’s palace of the last Hetman. Church of the Resurrection is Kyrylo tomb, which was built in 1799 – 1803 years and is a shining example of classic style. The glory of Baturyn is palace and park ensemble of Kyrylo Rozumovskyi, which dates from 1799 – 1803 years. Its author was the famous Scottish architect Charles Cameron. The ensemble consists of two wings of the palace and built in the classical style in the spirit of the Roman archaic. This ensemble is unique, the only work of Cameron in Ukraine. Architectural heritage Rozumovskyi in Ukraine, particularly in Chernihiv, has a historic importance, but many require significant restoration of monuments and some even recovery.

One of the Hetman Rozumovskyi unrealized ideas that would help to transform the capital city of Baturyn was university project in 1760 it was to be for everyone institution with history and philology, law, natural and health departments. When it was planned to create a school for 40 persons, which would prepare for obtaining further education at university and university services. However, the prohibition and elimination of Catherine the Hetmanate in 1764 the University has not been opened.

In the middle of the XVIII century. Hetman Rozumovskyi in Hlukhiv, then in Baturin, started the art center where a professional manner was presented works of opera, ballet and musical instrumental art. The center brought new vision to the development of cultural life in Ukraine. As a result of its powerful impact art spread throughout Ukraine. Local landowners tried to be the same as culture Hetman court, establishing theaters and orchestras – horn, string, wind and symphonic. Art center Rozumovskyi established relationships not only with the aristocratic elite, but was available to a wide range of ordinary residents who could use the library and enjoy the arts. Special magnificence, richness was noted musical life for Hetman Rozumovskyi. Quickly spread fashion to music. Began arriving from Western Europe fashion Instruments: clavichord, klavichembalo, Gabo, horn. The city operated the military orchestra, professional theater west grade, which was opera, ballet and drama troupe, choir and orchestra. The repertoire included plays by Aeschylus, Goldoni, Moliere, Shakespeare, performed ballets «Venus and Adonis», «Aloyida» and others. Count Kyrylo Rozumovskyi was one of the first owners of a private chapel, founded in 1751 It was probably the best in the Russian Empire and inferior unless Imperial.

Kyrylo Rozumovskyi descendants were prominent public figures, who also supported the talented Ukrainian musicians. Prince Andrey Rozumovskyi, longtime ambassador to the court of Vienna, not only inherited his father’s estate and money, but the love of music, choral singing, which played such outstanding role in the fate of his family. Vienna was the center, where Ukrainian choral music spread throughout Europe, including the Ukrainian lands that belonged to the Austrian Empire. Andrey Rozumovskyi maintained close relations and cooperated with Ludwig van Beethoven, resulting in a three string quartets and dedication to Count 5th and 6th symphonies. Granddaughter of the last Hetman Princess Varvara Repnina invested considerable effort in establishing schools, hospitals and orphanages. In her own money and was founded Poltava Institute of noble maidens. Grandson of Kyrylo Rozumovskyi Kamil Rozumovskyi donated significant funds to build a new village Lemeshi and restore family palace in Baturyn, who wanted to open a museum of antiquities.

Thus, the multifaceted activity of hetman Kyrylo Rozumovskyi and his descendants is an important contribution to a charitable cause. For them it was not a public duty and a fixture of the wealthy elite and conscious stance, aimed at the creation and preservation of cultural values.